Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shopping for Kids' Shoes

Kids Mine have gone through a celebrity's closet full of shoes already. I've learned a few lessons in shoe shopping.

Those $20 "athletic" shoes with the fun characters on them at certain stores.....don't last long. If you have active children, they'll burn through the rubber on those shoes faster than the tires on a race car.

Certain name brand shoes do outlast the growth of a child's feet, but they cost a lot more. I have a hard time fathoming wearing a $50 pair of shoes for half a year.

So what do you do? Get cheap shoes that wear out or expensive shoes that don't? Compromise!

I get the name brand shoes on clearance when I can find them. Last year at REI we found some good clearance deals. We got Chewy a pair of Keen shoes for $15, Scooter a pair of Vasque hiking shoes for $17, a pair of Keen shoes for Biker Boy for $20 and a pair of Teva shoes for me for $20.

While I'm not a fan of buying used shoes, I will pass on used shoes if they are in good shape. We have never passed on a pair of those "cheap" shoes. The Vasque hiking shoes are unisex and still in good shape to be passed on to Chewy. The little Keen shoes will be donated someday.

I stock up when I see good deals. I recently found some good deals at Sierra Trading Post with a one day coupon. I got 5 pairs of name brand shoes for the kids, each under $20 (that includes the shipping). One pair was even $11! Chewy made out the best with 4 pairs going to her in sizes 7, 8, 9 and 11. There weren't as many good deals for boy's shoes, but I managed to find a size 12 pair of hiking boots for Scooter. I did manage to get a Colombia ski jacket and a fleece jacket for Scooter at a great price! He needed a new coat for the winter and I was stressing about finding a good price since I didn't buy one on clearance last winter.

Chewy especially loves the new purple Mary Jane Keen shoes I got her. She'll grow into them fairly soon!
How do you shoe shop? Find any good deals lately?

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