Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spooky Treats

There are so many great ideas out there for spooky treats. I need to bring some spooky treats to Scooter's spooky presentation at preschool today. So yesterday Scooter and I made mummy cookies. (Thanks mom, I mean mummy, for the suggestion!)

A recipe and the directions for mummy cookies can be found at Betty Crocker Baking.

I didn't have a Betty Crocker mix handy, so I made my own cream cheese sugar cookie recipe and added 2 tablespoons cocoa. After letting the dough chill overnight, we were all set to make cookies.

Scooter was a big help rolling them out.
They turned out pretty well after baking.

I was running out of patience and time when it came to frosting them. The recipe recommends using canned frosting, but I didn't have any. I made my own frosting and used a tip #44 with a decorator's bag. You could just put the frosting in a bag and cut an edge off and squeeze away. I was into speed decorating. My poor hand was so sore from squeezing the bag by the time I was done. The finished product is mummy beautiful. (If mummy's can be beautiful? I'd say so!)

Have you made any spooky treats lately? How did they turn out? Enjoy!

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