Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sticks and Stones

Sometimes all it takes to decorate is the free stuff you can find in your house and out in your yard.

Here's a preview of my bathroom, prior to painting and some spiffing up I'm currently doing.

Notice the vase. It's a large vase that Biker Boy and I received for our wedding over 11 years ago. I've toted it through a few moves, it's always made the cut. Though I haven't always known what to do with it. It usually holds a candle, that I don't burn.

My yard supplied some free decorating and something to do with that vase.

I collected some rocks from our driveway and sticks from the yard.

I then thoroughly cleaned them off in the kids' wading pool that was going to be emptied to water the plants. I even scrubbed the sticks with a bristle brush to remove anything that wouldn't be welcomed into the house.

I placed the branches in the vase and then put the rocks in. You can put the rocks in first and try to push the branches through the rocks, but I found it easier to put the branches in first.

Now I have a lovely natural decoration in my bathroom that divides the sink area from the bathing area.

Search "bathroom" on my blog to see some diy art, a capiz light, and my painting job. In the near future I will be working on mirror frames, some wooden shelves, and cheap accessories. Have you made anything with objects and items you found in your yard?

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