Friday, October 30, 2009

What Do You Do For Birthdays?

What's your birthday personality?

Big parties or tiny celebration? Formal or casual? Friends or just family? Spendy or thrifty? Party place or home? Or are you somewhere in the middle?

Any traditions?

The birthday person in our immediate family gets a weekend day to themselves to choose what we do as a family. They get to pick the activities and where we go out to eat. If the birthday falls on a Saturday, so much the better. If not, cake and homemade dinner on the day of and big activities on the weekend.

I also attempt to make a homemade cake every year. The birthday person gets to request the flavor and shape. I Attempt. It may not look like it was suppose to, but it always turns out tasty. You can't go wrong with boxed cake. (I substitute water for the oil and make my own frosting). Yummy.

Here's a sampling of Scooter's 4 past birthdays.

Year One: Mini cupcakes with sprinkles in our first home in Minnesota.
Year Two: Large cupcakes with Elmo on them in a temporary home in a new southwest state.
Year Three: Semi truck cake in our new home in the southwest.
Year Four: Yellow race car cake (it's not a bus). Finally two birthdays in a row in the same home!
I'm off to attempt another cake for Scooter's birthday tomorrow. He wants a surprise cake this year, but it has to be chocolate flavored. I'm thinking of using canned pumpkin instead of oil. Perhaps a flat cake and make it look like a race track with some Hot Wheels on it. We'll see. Bake now, frost tonight when the kids are in bed.

I hope you enjoy your birthday and the birthdays of those you love. Even if you're not fond of getting older, I encourage you to embrace it and love it. Enjoy the opportunity to grow another year wiser and to have the chance to celebrate a birthday in the way you choose. After having almost lost my son to a bad asthma attack this year, I'm thanking God and rejoicing in each day I get with him. Every birthday is a blessed birthday! Yours included! Enjoy!

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