Friday, October 23, 2009

What Do You Do With All Those Hair Things?

Hair ties, ponytail holders, elastic bands, those things that hold your hair back, you name it. I've got plenty of them as I'm normally a ponytail kinda gal at home. They reside in a drawer in my bathroom, but tend to end up everywhere as they're the cat's favorite play thing.

I use to throw them in the drawer and they'd be everywhere. I decided to get a little more organized about it. My ponytail holders now reside on a carabiner that I got for free with a bottle of sunscreen. They still go in the drawer. I always know where they are, I just have to put them back where they belong. If only my daughter could do the same with all her little barrettes and hair things.

As you can tell, I favor Goody StayPut hair accessories. I found these on clearance at Target awhile back and scooped them up. Any tricks or tips to keep your hair accessories organized? Do you like them out in the open in a pretty little tray or hidden out of sight in a drawer? Enjoy!

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