Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What is Rabbit Air? Follow Up and Review

Another Rabbit Air has arrived in our household. My new living room furniture savings went towards two air purifiers. You know what? I'm really not upset about that. With a new dog in the house who hasn't yet learned that he can't chew on the throw pillows and seems to make himself at home laying on the couches, it doesn't bother me. Let the grungy couches get even grungier.

I blogged about our first Rabbit Air previously. We got a BioGS SPA-582A Ultra Quiet Air Purifier. I'm happy to report that it works just as we expected and we had high expectations. Biker Boy and I tried it out in our room for a little while before returning it to the main room. We did learn to not leave it on auto while we sleep. If it detects an odor or high particulate level, it kicks up the fan speed. It kicks it up enough to wake you up. It has an easy fix, we just put it on manual at night on the second fan speed. That's still quiet enough for us, but still filters some odors and particulates. If you don't like some light in your room at night, the display could bother you as it doesn't dim. It didn't bother us.

We were so happy with that purifier that we put down the big bucks again to purchase the BioGS SPA-421A Ultra Quiet Air Purifier for Scooter's room. Scooter suffers from asthma, so we thought it important to let him have a good air purifier in his room. We let him pick out the color and he choose pearl white out of his 4 choices.

It has the same features as the 582A, but with a smaller motor it covers up to 600 square feet. That's plenty for Scooter's room. It's even quieter than the 582A, but we do put it on manual speed at night and auto during the day.

Biker Boy did extensive research before and after getting our first Rabbit Air and decided to get a Rabbit Air purifier again for Scooter's room. He likes that it has a brushless motor and has zero ozone emissions. Not to mention that it has a 5 year warranty, long lasting filters (some washable and fairly inexpensive to replace), and destroys allergens. It also has flu prevention capability.

In the beginning I had some fun with the Rabbit Air to see if it could detect certain odors. Smelly wet cloth diaper? Check. Scented hand lotion? Check. Burned pizza crust? Check. Wet dog smell? Check. Amazing! How does it know?

By the way, I don't work for or am associated with Rabbit Air in any way. I'm just reviewing as a happy customer with a lot less money in her savings account.

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