Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Apologizes IKEA

I’m again swooning over IKEA after my little rant yesterday.

All is forgiven. Just when I was beginning to think I didn’t have to get new furniture now.

I received this email today:

Hello Chrissy,
Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We apologize for any
We are showing that the EKTORP Love seat also comes with a white
slipcover option.
If you are unable to complete the process of your e-Shop order or
continue to have technical difficulties from the IKEA website,
please contact IKEA Home Shopping directly at (800) 434-4532. A Home
Shopping Advisor will be happy to assist you!
Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience thank you for visiting
IKEA online.
Best Regards,
IKEA Customer Care Center

Gives me something to think about. Biker Boy and I are going to have to have a chat tonight and look at the finances.  Anything to do with spending loads of money makes me anxious.  Pulling and twisting hair anxious.  Excessive sweating anxious.  I just like to be a good steward of what we've been given.  Plus, I just may have to get over my phone phobia. This could push me to get over it. I hate making phone calls to people I don’t know. Odd, but that’s just me.  I have to get over that phobia almost daily, I can do it again.

Note to IKEA: Thank you. Perhaps you will still get my money and I am again *swooning* over you. Lots of furniture love from me to you. Do your couches happen to repel dogs?  Do they happen to make children sit still for 5 minutes while I cook dinner?

Is new furniture in my future? Stay tuned. Plus, TOMORROW….I’m going to show off Chewy’s room. It’s finally the PINK ROOM REVEAL after months of hints and sneak peeks. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m done for now. Enjoy!

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