Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Week - Feeding

It's baby basics.....poop, eat, sleep.  I've already covered the diapering and now it's onto feeding.  It's a trip down memory lane for me. 

In the beginning, it's easy, but it's tiring.  It comes down to: Bottle or Breast.  Or some combination of both.
I like to avoid conflict at any cost, so I'm not going to debate the merits of either here.  Do what's right for you.  Your baby will be happy if you're happy! 

Bottles are a necessary item if there will be any bottle feeding done, either with formula or breast milk.  Research what brand will work for your lifestyle. 

If going the formula route, register with the main companies (Enfamil and Similac), they'll send you samples to get you started. 
Pumping and Saving
If you're going the breast milk route and have to pump a lot....get a good breast pump.  I had to go back to work for 4 months when my son was 5 months old....I was super happy to have a double breast pump.  I had a Medela Pump-in-Style that was given to me.  I went through lots of milk bags.  I was uber OCD (obsessive-compulsive) about the frozen breast milk.  I labeled each bag with the date it was pumped, time it was pumped, and the amount.  I then put it all in an excel spreadsheet that my baby caretakers (hubby and mom-in-law) had to check off when they used.  That way I knew the older ones were being used first.  Yes, you can roll your eyes at me.  Biker Boy did.  I don't think I froze a thing when my second came along.

Pumping and Dumping
I'm also very experienced in "pumping and dumping."  Quite interesting when you're kayaking between islands and backcountry camping in an area with bears.  Don't dump near the tent!  I was also manually pumping then.  Not fun.  It made me miss electricity.  But you do what you gotta do for those little milk sucking angels.

Car adapters for breast pumps are great too.  Except when the windows are wide open and you have to take a break from a 12 hour mountain bike race to pump and the male biker next to you asks, "What's that noise?"  You get a priceless reaction when you say, "A breast pump."

Solid Foods
Once my children were firmly established with eating solids foods, I made their food.  I didn't go to great lengths to do it either.  Pretty much whatever we ate, they ate just run through a mini food processor.  I'd add water as needed to make it more smooth.  Steamed carrots, green beans, and other fruits and veggies in the beginning.  Chicken noodle soup and pasta and other menu items went through the food processor as my children's food options grew.  I did use the jarred baby food when we traveled or went out.  It was much easier to pack.

Feeding Places
If I had to do it again, I wouldn't get a high chair.  I got sick of it taking up so much space.  I would have either got one of those small booster seats with a tray that you can just place on a chair or a "grow with me chair."  My parents had a small booster for the kids and it worked great, even when they were babies. 

Even as kids get older, it's still interesting feeding them.  My oldest use to love pizza, but now has a hard time eating anything with melted cheese.  They still eat what we're eating.  Please remember, every parent and child is different.  These are only my opinions and memories.  I hope you have a great day!  Enjoy!

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