Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby Week - What Do You Need?

Wouldn’t it be easier to register for wedding gifts…..a year after the wedding? The same with kids. Before having a first baby you register for anything and everything that people tell you to, it’s only after having the baby that you realize you don’t need half the stuff you got. (Or more).

I’d do it totally different if I had the chance, but life doesn’t work that way. (Thank goodness!) So here’s my registry checklist if anyone happens to be like me.

Essential for when baby comes home:
· Car seat – if you’re at a hospital, they won’t let you leave without it.

· Diapers – see this post.
· A place to sleep.
· Bottles, if using – see this post.
· Some clothes – I recommend onsies and one-piece sleepers in the beginning. Stuff that’s easy to change.

Most other items depend on your personality and lifestyle.
Other things I found useful:
· Diaper cloths – I used prefold diapers; the small diaper cloths don’t have enough coverage.
· Diaper bag – we used a backpack (more manly for Biker Boy). It was easy to carry and we still get use out if now for other things.
· Bibs – only big ones with good coverage for when the baby started eating solids (or if you have a drooler).
· Baby carrier – I had a Snugli and loved it! I used it way more than a stroller in the beginning and it was especially useful when the second baby came along.
· Stroller – we only had a deluxe umbrella stroller that folded down small. The big stroller with car seat attachment was returned the moment we realized how much truck space it took up.
· Bike trailer – this was our big stroller, but it’s only used for biking and running. We had a Burley with one child and sold it to get a Trek when we had two. Helmets are a must when biking. Our son first wore a helmet at 6 months.

· Playpen – so useful to go to the bathroom when the baby gets mobile. Nice for traveling and using outdoors.
· Breastpump – see this post.
· Baby gate – especially if you have stairs.

Useful and liked, but really not necessary:
· Boppy – loved mine.

· Munchkin Safety Duck Bathtub – so many uses! See this post.
· Exersaucer – great way to contain the kid and entertain them.
· Jumpy – seriously, my favorite and my kids’ favorite!

· Infant swing or bouncer
· Books – this is perhaps necessary. My kids love books and I do too.
· Hiking Backpack – we’re fond of the REI brand ones and have actually owned two at a time.

Could have done without:
· Baby monitor – not necessary in a small house. Useful if outdoors with child number 1, while child number 2 naps.
· High chair – took up too much room. I should have gone with a booster with tray.
· Mobile – My kids weren’t interested in it till they could grab it and I had to take it off the crib. I liked it though.

All parents and kids are different, so your list may be different than mine.  Actually, there's a lot you can do without with kids.  A lot of things are just happy helpers!  Until we got that jumpy, my husband and I never had a quiet meal with our first child!  Any's been fun remembering my little ones as babies.  Enjoy!

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