Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cutting a Bed Skirt Down to Size

The work on Chewy's room continues.  (Hint - Check the label "girl's room" to see all the things I've been working on.)  I repainted that 50 year old  twin-sized canopy bed and it turned out well!  It has 3 drawers underneath it for storage, but they show.

What's a girl to do to cover up all that bare wood?  Reuse.  I'm a big fan of using what you have and wanting what you have.  I just happened to have a full size bed skirt sitting around from when Biker Boy and I had a full-sized bed.  (Can you believe we only upgraded to a queen 3 years ago?!)

My first plan was to cut the skirt down to size and sew it back up.  Uh, nope, not going to happen.  I'm barely able to get out my sewing machine to work on throw pillows.  I laid that skirt out on my floor, admist dancing children, and pinned it down to size.  I didn't even iron it.  I made sure the pin heads were underneath the skirt, so they wouldn't poke into the air mattress that Chewy uses.

A few safety pins later, it was the size I needed.  I even used the measuring tape to make sure it would fall just to the floor of Chewy's twin size bed.  I never cease to amaze Biker Boy with my engineering skills!  *hee, hee*

Wah la.....wood is covered up.  Chewy now has a bed skirt that her mommy and daddy used when they first got married. 

Any easy "engineering" plans in your future?  Any other creative bed skirt ideas?  Do tell.  Enjoy!

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