Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cutting a Pillow Down to Size

Who doesn't love to throw pillows around?  A friendly pillow fight perhaps?  (Note I said "friendly.")

I've been working on throw pillows for Chewy's room to add some comfort at her window seat and a little interest with fabric.  It also gives her and her brother something to throw around and jump on.  They like to pretend they are frogs on lily pads. 

I looked around to buy the stuff you stuff pillows with.....not cheap.

My solution....buy a cheap polyester filled pillow at Target and use that.  It's around $3.

Steps for cutting a pillow down to size:

Step 1: Cut a regular size pillow in half.

Step 2: Remove some of the filling/batting/fibers...whatever you call it.  I removed enough to fill almost 2 more pillows.
Step 3: Sew openings back together.  You now have 2 pillows.

I just love the size and shape of the pillows.  I sewed 2 pockets covers to cover the pillows.  That way I can just wash the covers if I want instead of the whole pillow.  Or I can just change the covers.  Hmmm....I hadn't thought of that when I was making them. 

Below are the two pillows I made.  The front one shows the pocket on the backside.  The pillow in the back shows the front, if you can see it.  Sometime in the next week or two or three, I'll show them in Chewy's room.  Things don't move too quickly around here.  It's a work in progress.

Any pillow throwing in your future?  Any throw pillow plans?  Any throw pillow thieves like my dog?  Or do you just wonder why there is such a thing as throw pillows (like my Biker Boy)?  He wonders what they're good for....other than throwing.

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