Monday, November 9, 2009

DIY Wallflowers

Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. While the kids were busy creating thank you cards, I decided to try and tap into my creative side. It takes a sledgehammer sometimes to tap into my creative side.

Ever see those Umbra Wallflowers? Cute, fun, and expensive. I decided to attempt those. Yep, I thought, “I can make those for cheaper.” For approximately $2.00.

image from
Here’s the steps:

Step 1: Draw out a four-petal flower or whatever you want to use onto paper or cardboard. I quickly freehanded mine, so that’s why they look a little….uh…unprofessional. I freehanded 3 sizes.

Step 2: Use the templates to trace the flowers onto one piece of stiff felt.
Step 3: Back the stiff felt with the tracings with another piece of felt.

Step 4: Cut out flowers. Every time you cut you’ll get two identical flowers because of the two pieces of felt.

Step 5: Cut jewelry wire just shorter than the length from petal to petal. Two pieces for each. I used 28-gauge wire (that's what I had); I’d recommend a little thicker wire than that.
Step 6: Place the wire from petal to petal on one flower tracing; it should form a cross. Put hot glue all over that baby and slap the identical piece on top to cover up the wire and glue. Make sure to have glued around the edges well.
Step 7: Bend flower to the shape you want.

Step 8: Attach to wall. I didn’t want a bunch of holes in my wall, so I used Elmer’s Tac ‘n Stik. It held better than I thought.
Here’s the finished product.  The kids and I slapped those flowers on quickly, helter skelter style.
Here’s the wall before.

I think I like it better without the flowers. *sigh* On to the next project. *sigh* It’s always a work in progress around here. Enjoy!  If you end up making your own wallflowers or come up with a better design, please let me know!

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