Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do You Need An Internet Filter?

Obviously, if you’re reading this, then you use the Internet. Have you ever come across something objectionable while viewing the Internet? I remember back in my college days when I was an intern and doing some research with my boss on her work computer. She was searching “adhesives” with me and clicked on one site and a not very clothed (ie...naked) person appeared. She immediately clicked away, but was still stunned. Me too.

I don’t want to see stuff like that, I don’t want my husband to see someone else’s goodies, nor do I want my kids to see undesirable things.  They see enough stuff just going to the grocery store!  My kids’ computer use is very limited now (webcam with grandparents), as they are only 5 and 2. As they start to use the computer more we’ll be moving it to the main room of the house. (Project Alert – new entertainment unit and desk combo…someday.)

For years we’ve used an Internet filtering service and we’ll continue to use it. I am extremely happy with American Family Online TotalNetGuard Internet filter. Biker Boy and I decided that I would be the accountable one in the family to know the username and password for filter access. I can see every site that has been visited, if I choose, without someone deleting the history. Neither Biker Boy nor the kids will know the password, so they can’t delete the filter. Not that I’m worried about that.

If you’ve been looking for a filter that will protect you from spam, porn, viruses, spyware, and other undesirable content…check out It’s one of my favorites! Plus, it doesn’t cost that much. Just know that if you’re a YouTube user, that’s blocked because of all the undesirable content and comments that you can come across. We’ve never used YouTube, so it's not a big deal for us. We post pictures and videos of our kids at and there is always GodTube.

I’m not paid by AFO or am affiliated with them in anyway. I’ve just been a happy customer for years. If you’re interested, here’s the promo on the site:

A Christian Internet filter will spare you spam, porn, viruses, spyware and other undesirable content on your personal computer. Our Christian filtered Internet service is not just another ISP! If you are using another security suite like Norton, McAfee or Parental Controls, there are some big differences in how you and your family are protected. If you are concerned that your computer's Internet safety isn't up to par, you need an Internet content filter that helps protect your Christian lifestyle. Online protection from the AFO web content filter means more security and less worry about having your family values compromised by the Internet.

The TotalNetGuard Internet protection software suite of services protects your entire family with a Christian perspective and that makes all the difference in this world and the next! Improve Internet safety and accountability for your family while they are online. All family members, children, teens and adults are vulnerable when surfing the Internet. Our Christian Internet filter will improve safety for your family, providing a safer experience online. Pornography, gambling and Internet affairs are not harmless activities, they are destructive and these materials will find you even if you are not looking for them! We take Internet protection seriously, which is why we've created the best in Internet protection software for Christians. Please don't be fooled by Parental Controls and other weak filters that only pay lip service to family protection! TotalNetGuard cares about you!

Believe me, they do care about you!  They have great service, a great price, and a great product.  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I can't find many reviews on totalnetguard, so I was glad to find yours. Do you have them filter your regular internet service, or do you pay for them to provide your internet service? Thanks.

    1. We haven't used totalnetguard in at least few years. We now use a free filtering service...K9 web protection. I have the filter set pretty high, so I even have to enter a password in for Youtube. Where we live our options for Internet are pretty limited, so we weren't able to use totalnetguard. We liked it while we had it. We've been happy using the K9 web protection. Thanks for asking and stopping by.


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