Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Decor and Pinecones Galore

My fall décor for Thanksgiving was minimal last year.  Bikini minimal. A pumpkin, flowers, and jellied cranberry sauce.  The cranberry sauce is a tradition.  It's fun to watch it jiggle throughout the meal.  Bikinis and jiggling...not uncommon after having 2 kids.  Moving on....

This year the kids and I are utilizing more things we have collected from our yard.  We've going for the tankini this year. 
· Pinon nuts that have been in the freezer for a year. We collected them from our pinon trees last year.
· Pinecones from our lone Ponderosa Pine.
· Oak branches we cut from an Oak Tree.

During a serious session of Play-Doh creating, I took a vase (from a flower delivery when Chewy was born) and arranged the items. Here’s what I managed in a few short minutes.  The pumpkins are from a preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch.

The kids wanted in on the action too. I dug out another free flower vase (from a delivery when Scooter was born) and the kids set to arranging their own “creation.”

It turned out pretty well! They were so excited to show Daddy “what we created” when he got home from work.
Simple, easy, and quick.  Plus...I didn't have to store many decor items.  I was happy to get the pinon nuts out of the freezer and the vases are the only other things that take up space.  The pumpkins will again be used for vases and stuffed with a flower arrangement when Thanksgiving rolls around.  I've got a few other ideas in my head to use with some additional pinecones we collected. 

I know there are some very creative people out there with beautiful fall decor.  I am in awe.  Total awe.  For now, I've got Play Doh, pinecones, and pinons.  I'm happy.  Any fall decor around your place?  Any easy arrangements that the kids can do?  Enjoy!

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