Thursday, November 12, 2009


Ever think, “I can make that for cheaper.” I think that a lot, I just don’t always act on it.

My little girl likes to play dress up. She loves to look at herself in the mirror. I have no idea where she gets that from because neither Biker Boy nor I have a full-length mirror. I’m just a girl; my daughter is a girly girl with a fearless streak.

See this here mirror from Crate and Barrel. Lovely, until I look at the price tag. $199!

See this here mirror from Target. Not so lovely, but $5.

See this here mirror by Me! Not as lovely as Crate and Barrel, but more lovely than Target and only $8.

I took the mirror from Target, two 1x3s from Lowe’s, and a little time to measure and mark out 45-degree cuts. Biker Boy cut the wood from me (he doesn’t like to let me cut if he’s around…my big strong man!) A little wood glue, some nails, a right angle, and some wood filler, and I had a rectangular frame.

I slapped on a coat of white primer and 2 coats of white gloss paint that I had sitting around. Some hot glue and anxiety later and I had a framed mirror. There are some blemishes on that baby, but this ain’t Hollywood darling. Chewy doesn’t care if you’ve got wrinkles or if you’re Botoxed. So the mirror got a little plastic surgery from a non-certified surgeon. Oh well. It’ll serve its purpose.

The moment it was put in Chewy’s room she grabbed her basket of dress-up stuff and started playing away. It put a smile on my face….that I could see in the mirror!

I'm happy with my first attempt at woodworking - minus the cutting. I think I'll attempt something else.  Any woodworking plans in your furture?  Any novices out there like me?  Any "I can make it cheaper" ideas?  Do share! Enjoy!

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