Monday, November 16, 2009

IKEA Whites & Blues

I’ve been dreaming of new couches for a long time. Biker Boy knows my desire for couches and has encouraged me for a long time to get ones. But I’m picky….and thrifty. We’d like slipcovered sofas, preferably in white, with 2 sets of covers. Laundry doesn’t always get done the same day it’s started in this house.

I’ve oogled the ones at Pottery Barn.

I’ve fawned over the one at Rowe Furniture.

I try the Ektorp line at IKEA every time I get to visit. (Once a year, during our visits to Biker Boy’s parents).

The IKEA ones are more in my price range. Even if I saved more money, I’d still have a hard time plunking it down for the more expensive couches.  That's just me. 

So I was shocked and delighted and jumping for joy when I happened to look at the IKEA website yesterday and saw that if you bought an Ektorp sofa in any color you would get a free white slipcover. Oh, it’s a dream come true! We’d have to pay for shipping those babies here, but it would be worth it to get FREE slipcovers. It was like I had won a gold medal in the 100 breaststroke or my child slept through the night dry! Total excitement!

I literally ran to tell Biker Boy. It didn’t take him long to encourage me to just order the furniture I’ve been dreaming of. (We’ve made 1 substantial furniture purchase in our 11 years of marriage. Our bedroom set…..3 years ago).

I set about putting the items I wanted in my cart. One sofa + one free cover, 2 chairs + 2 free covers…but then I got to the love seat. They don’t have it in white! What?! How could they not have it in white? Are they kidding me? I know they’ve had it in white before. Did I not get in quick enough and miss it because of “quantities limited?” *boo hoo*

My joy dissipated quickly and I got blue. The sad kind of blue. I’d like all my furniture to wear at the same rate and yes….just because they don’t have the loveseat in white….I’m not ordering anything.  And no, we don't want to mix and match.  We want it all to match.  And I'm not driving 8 hours to get it at the nearest IKEA. 

I’m over being blue now. It’s just furniture. I’ve got the hand-me down couches that the dog lays on and the kids abuse. They can do that a little longer till the next good deal comes up. It’s just furniture. Plus, it saved me a whole lot of cash around the Christmas season.

A note to IKEA: I’ll get over this and will again swoon over you. If you get a loveseat back in white and have this deal again….I will be there….if I haven’t gotten anything else. But really, why don’t you have the loveseat in white? 

Any furniture whites or blues?  Did anyone use this deal or manage to get a white loveseat?  Here's hoping you get over any furniture blues you have and that the day comes up looking spotless and white! Enjoy!

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