Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pink Room Reality Check

Yesterday I finally posted the Pink Room Reveal.  A stylist hadn't touched the room to pretty it up, but it looked picked up.  It looked nice enouch.  It looked like it didn't belong to a 2-year-old.

Reality Check - how things typically look.  Here's what happens when you leave a 2-year-old girl to her own devices for a little bit.

Toys everywhere.
Books everywhere.

Things everywhere.

Oh well.  It was clean for a few minutes.  We'll pick it up again and it will be clean for a few minutes again.  Then we'll repeat. 

Extra credit bonus:  Did you spy the one big black thing I removed for the reveal pictures?  Do you spy a baby doll diaper?  Do you spy a water bottle?  How many pink things can you count?

Laugh with me or at me.  This is my reality.  What's your reality?  Enjoy!

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