Monday, November 9, 2009

Recycling At Its Best

More children's bodily function stories!  I seem to have a collection of them.  Read at your own risk.

Children and pets can recycle with the best of them.
  • Chewy was chewing on something the other day and I hadn't given her anything to eat.  "What are you chewing on?"  I asked.  "A boogie," she replied.  Then Chewy showed me how she picked her nose and ate it.  Lovely.
  • We went for a 4 mile hike the other day.  Before leaving we made each child spend some time on the toilet, knowing that walking can be a laxative.  Our destination was a deserted picnic ground 2 miles from where we started.  Upon arrival to our destination for snacks, Chewy pulled up to a tree and proceeded to take "the position."  Fortunately we had put her in a diaper, unfortunately we didn't pack an extra.  Biker Boy took responsibility and emptied the contents far, far away from where anybody would go.  He utilized the one wipe and plastic bag we had packed.  We packed most things out.  While playing in the fallen leaves we noticed the dog wasn't nearby.  We called and he didn't come.  He always comes when we call.  Biker Boy proceeded to find him cleaning up the contents of Chewy's diaper.  That's another way to pack it up and take it out.  Hot lunch anyone?  But wait...what about Scooter?  Yep...he was doing "the dance" and had to go before we left the picnic grounds.  He checked out the deserted pit toilet that looked like it hadn't been used in 20 years and opted for the woods.  Unfortunately for Scooter, he didn't get to use the wipe because his sister already had.  Fun times. 

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