Monday, November 23, 2009

Table Decorating

My table decorations usually consist of bread crumbs, pieces of cereal, and sticky finger prints.  There's sometimes wadded up napkins, preschool papers, and toddler colorings.  Other times there will be glue spills, marker mishaps, and bits of paper. 

Time for something a little more grown-up, yet easy and simple. 

So simple a preschooler can do it.

Scooter glittered some pinecones from our yard for me.  He chose an array of colors.  Actually each color that I had.

I printed out the names on coffee stained paper. 

Biker Boy got me the cheapest flowers he could find on an errand run.  (I asked for cheap.)  I arranged the flowers in 3 cheap soap containers that I had lying around because the pumps didn't work.  Simple and easy.  Quite interesting looking.  Different.

The kids and I already put together some other fall decor.  Now I've just got to clean and get ready for houseguests that arrive tomorrow.  Let the fun family times begin!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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