Friday, December 18, 2009

The Guest List

"Be our Guest, Be our Guest, Put our service to the test."

We use every space in our house every day. So what do we do when guests come? They have to share. I mean, we have to share.

We have an office/guest/treadmill room. This is what we use to offer guests.

Sometimes we’d even throw in a pillow. Heck, we’d even incline the treadmill for guests if that were more comfortable.

Okay, we had a low to the ground Coleman queen-sized double quick air mattress from Target. We use to love those Coleman mattresses until they put those sheet clips on them and we’ve had two develop leaks there. Why the sheet clips? They don’t even work right. So basically, we let people camp on our floor on the same air mattress we take when we want cushy camping.

We’ve upgraded baby! Our guests now get to sleep on the grand comfort of an Eddie Bauer raised mattress from Target. It’s like rolling in and out of a real bed at 22 inches high.  (A review will be coming shortly after my parents try it out.) And please, no jumping on it. It’s looking inviting to jump on, but we want this expensive air filled mattress to last. Kids…I said NO jumping!  Oh, we may even put sheets on the bed for you.  Or leave them sitting out.

Since we’ve entertained at Thanksgiving and now at Christmas, I will present our Guest List. You can decide if you still want to visit.

The Guest List
  • You get free accommodations in return for free babysitting.
  • We might even feed you; it’s called “help yourself” or “take-out.”
  • We’ll even explain to you what it means when someone asks you, “Red or green?”
  • Help yourself to any beverage you find, just don’t drink the tap water. Or taste it while you brush your teeth.
  • Feel free to help yourself to anything you can find, even changing the dirty diapers.
  • The bath toys are for you to use while you shower.
  • Really, believe me, the house was clean before you arrived. The 5-year-old cleaned the toilet you’ll be using.
  • We have a complimentary “wake-up call” service. It only works at 7am and it’s called a 2-year-old.
  • It’s just the altitude that’s causing your headache.
  • Don’t let the dog lick you – he eats poop.
  • Watch out for the cat.
  • Remember what my dad always says….Guests are like fish; they start to stink after 3 days. (Or maybe it’s hosts that are like fish. A week’s going to be fun, isn’t it dad?!)
Really, I’m just kidding. We love having guests. Someday we’ll even make our guest room more accommodating. Anyone want a design challenge?

How do you entertain and accomodate your guests?  Chocolates on the pillow?  Yum, chocolate.  Enjoy!

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