Monday, December 21, 2009

Homemade Gift for My Son

Dear Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars,

My son has an enormous amount of fun playing with his toy cars. Expensive toys pale in comparison to a car that costs less than a dollar. It is a joy to see the happiness in my son's face as he plays with his cars.

While he has motorized racetracks and gadgets to make the cars go, he still prefers to self-propel them. When we travel in the car or he lies in bed, he loves to drive his cars in books with roads.

For a gift, I thought I’d get my son a book that had roads in it especially suited for his toys cars. I searched and searched and could find nothing. I imagined that Hot Wheels or Matchbox would have an artistically designed book of roads for kids to drive their cars in. Nope, no such luck.

So I took a 3 ring binder, some plastic sleeves, paper, and designed a book of roads for my son as a gift 2 years ago. The book has traveled in airplanes, in many long car rides, and has been used during many rest times. For Christmas this year, my son will be getting some new pages to add to his book. There will be an airport and a train station this year.

So, Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars, where are your books for kids to use their imagination as they self propel their cars? If you have one, where can I find it easily? If you ever make one, I know a little boy who would love to test it out because as he says, “I like my cars because they’re fun to play with.”

Merry Christmas Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars, take this idea and drive away with it.

Seriously, think of my son if you ever make a book with roads in it.

Enjoy, Chrissy

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