Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Homemade Gifts for My Daughter

I try to make gifts for my kids at Christmas.  I "try."  Really, I try.  I make them things.  Chewy's received a no-sew tutu and pink room full of things I  made or painted in the past.  Scooters gotten some special photos and handmade art for his room.  But I still wanted to make them Christmas gifts.  Something just for them, from their mommy.

So, while I had my sewing machine out to sew some stockings, I attempted to make aprons for Chewy.  Without a plan.  Without a pattern.  Without really thinking about it. 

Here's what I got:

Not to shabby! Actually, maybe shabby chic! I was so delighted that I was skipping around the dining room and happily holding them up for Biker Boy to see. I may have done a little shimmy too. More like a pee shiver. All cause of the excitement.

My first apron was, ahh, a little misshapen. I traced an apron I had and then cut. Not the best plan. I did say I didn’t think this through. Can you see how the waist is taller on one side? Oh well, I don’t think Chewy will care. She’s 2! I put a pocket on the top and it is centered, it just doesn’t look like it in the picture.

The second apron went a little better. With a little more thinking this time, I folded the material in half and traced and then cut. Made my engineer husband proud, yes I did! I put a big pocket in the middle of this one. It’s a tool pocket. Biker Boy wanted to be sure that Chewy had an apron for working on cars or bikes with him. He wasn’t impressed with the flower pattern. I told him that just because she’s working on cars, doesn’t mean she can’t wear a pretty apron.

The third apron is tiny and cute. I just like it. It was so easy to make. I should have made more of those.

I used fabric glue to put Velcro on. My intent was for Chewy to use the Velcro herself to put on the aprons. But I didn’t think about where to put it before I started sewing. So in the end, some of the ribbons have Velcro in two spots so she can put it on herself and “grow” into the aprons.

Here’s the best part…..I made three aprons for a total cost of $4.00. Try and buy that in a store! I got the fabric as a remnant for $2 and the ribbon for $2. I barely had any fabric left by the time I was done.

Now I’ve just got to finish Scooter’s Christmas present. Thankfully, his doesn’t require the sewing machine. Any homemade Christmas gifts on your end this year?

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