Thursday, December 10, 2009

Leave It To The Kids

Kids + Christmas = A Whole Lot of Fun!

We may not have sophisticated or elegant Christmas decorations at our house, but we have a whole lot of fun decorating.

The kids are in charge of decorations. They put up stuff and what they can’t put up, they dictate and I put up

Every day Scooter is asking, “What else can we decorate?”

Here’s a few of the things that have been up since right after Thanksgiving.

The Christmas Tree.  "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree"
You can read this post to find out about our real potted tree.
I put up the blue ribbon and Scooter did the ribbons and little charms. He told me where to put the ones up that he couldn’t. There are pinecones in the pot to cover some of the dirt. We’ve used the red ribbons for years, but the blue ribbon is a new addition this year. We also used it on the Christmas Countdown Calendar.  Next year we're going to decorate pinecones from the yard to hang on the tree.  The kids have also requested a marshmallow garland, but I don't think that would last long.  Someone might eat it. 

The Window Clings.
These are gifts from the grandparents from the past few years. The reindeer are new this year. The arrangment on the windows differs every other day.

The Nativity Set.
Plastic = nonbreakable = less stress. Baby Jesus mingles with Santa. Sometimes he even gets upgraded to a castle (because he's a King). The kids love to play with their set. Read about it in this post.

Scooter’s Tree.
This is the tree we used when Scooter was a newly toddling child. It’s now his own personal tree. He picks out ornaments from our ornament box and hangs them on the tree. He gets his little stool out and hangs away. Chewy even helped after her nap.  I try not to watch when they hang breakable things (Just kidding, I help on those ones). The tree has a lot of the Baby’s First Christmas ornaments on it. It's even got one Biker Boy made in the second grade on it!

The Christmas Stockings.
Okay, so those were all me.  The kids did decorate some stockings and I'll show those in a future post.  For now, you can check out this post to see how I made the burlap stockings.

That’s our Kidsophisticate Christmas decorating. We’ve done a few more things since and our going to do a few more “natural items decorating” soon. Stay tuned for our:

Christmas storage post
More Christmas stockings post
Natural Christmas centerpieces post
Homemade Christmas gifts post
A super fun "Do You See What I See?" post (in my opinion it's fun!)
And….Yummy Baklava post
Plus whatever else hits my fancy this season.

I do so enjoy looking at colorful, elegant, whimsical, sophisticated, and fun decorating that other people have done.  What have you or your kids accomplished for Christmas decorating this year? Whatever your type of decorating, enjoy it! 

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