Friday, December 11, 2009

More Homemade Stockings

After whipping up some no-sew burlap stockings for myself, the husband, and kids I decided the furry pets shouldn’t be left out of the fun. Neither should the grandparents that visit this year and in the coming years. SPOILER ALERT – Grandparents….don’t look further on if you don’t want to see what the kids made for you.  Or just acted surprised.  These stockings are grandparent neutral...they're for either or both pairs, depending on who's visiting.

The furry pet stockings actually got the royal treatment, while the human versions didn’t. The royal treatment would be…..the sewing machine. That baby doesn’t come out all too often. And when it does, I’ve got to read the manual. Even if it’s only been a month. Really, I took sewing lessons in seventh grade and I remember….nada…nothing…zero. I barely sew a straight line. I do shriek with joy when something holds together. (See the pillows in Chewy’s room). I then repeatedly hold it up for Biker Boy to inspect, while gushing on about my lack of sewing ability.  He fends interest, he must love me. 

So, without further ado….here’s the pet stockings:

They are hanging on to what Scooter and Chewy call the “doggie fence.” It keeps the dog out of the master bedroom (after a few instances of peeing on the carpet) and it lets the cat come and go as she pleases. It also has the added bonus of keeping the kids out of our room. Should have thought of that one earlier!

The material also has significance. It used to be curtains that hid the litter box when it resided under our utility sink in the laundry room. That was until the dog started eating the poop and we had to move it to our bathroom. (Which is why the cat needs to get over the “doggie fence.”) So the pets have stockings made out of kitty poop hiding curtains, with a little remnant fabric from curtains in our first home.

Rather than spell out the pets names, I put “DOG” and “CAT.” That’s because I didn’t have enough letters to spell out their names. I had to butcher a G to make a C. And *gasp* if we ever have replacement pets, these stockings will work for them too. Don’t tell the kids I said that.

While I sewed, the kids worked on some stockings for grandparents. They also asked, “Mommy, what is that thing you are using?” I sewed up some quickie stockings from fabric remnants of curtains in our first home and applied some ribbon the night before. The kids took nonwashable makers to the stockings and drew away.  (Yes, I was aware the markers weren't washable...but, they're fun markers!)

I helped them write “grandma” and “grandpa” on them.

I also have marker on the white surface of my table that won’t come off.  I saw that one coming.  I know I have a Magic Eraser hiding somewhere for times like these. Oh well, the kids were happy with their creations and I was happy with them. It’s fun decorating for Christmas!

Any other easy stocking creations for pets or kids out there?  Have a great weekend!  Enjoy!

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