Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rustic and Natural - Christmas Decor

We have minimal Christmas storage (another post in the making), so we search the yard for decorations. That's pretty much pine branches and juniper branches. A whole lot of branches. Some sticky branches. Yum, they smell good too!

We started with our reindeer basket, one of the big things we store every year. I put floral foam in the bottom, wrapped in foil. Shiny! Then I covered it with burlap this year. So much burlap, check out the no-sew stockings.

After cutting down branches, Chewy wanted to stick them in the basket. Okey dokey. She soon realized the juniper branches have "pokey" things on them and had me stick those in.....where she told me to.

Quick, lovely smelling, and holiday green. It's just dandy. It sits on our fake mantel (the island) and is next to a vase of pinecones left over from our fall decor.

Our second project was another quickie. Quickies are common in this house. *hee, hee*  I realized what I just said. 
We made a rustic wreath, a really rustic wreath.

It involved 4 sticks from the yard.

It involved wrapping a little twine around the ends to connect the sticks into a square shape.  Yep, we're a little square in this family.  None of that circular business for us.  Though the kids can talk in circles.  That can make me go in circles.  Any hoo...

Chewy took over as wreath decorator and dictator.  She may take over for Martha Stewart some day.  Watch out Martha.  Or she'll have her own fashion line for princesses in the making.  Options, the girl has lots of options. So Chewy cut sparkly pipe cleaners for me and told me what pine branches to use.  We didn't use any juniper branches this time. No boo-boos on the fingers, thank you.

We made a bow out of some silver and white ribbon that was on a gift.  We hung it with blue ribbon from other various Christmas projects around the house.  I hung it on the front door by taping it to the top of the door.  So very Macgyver of me.  No nails needed.  Biker Boy was a little worried about how I was going to hang it.  Sometimes I'm a little too "Macgyver."

The wreath was still missing a little something.  It looked like it was made from the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  Poor thing. It's like the wreath that no one wanted and finally was given away.  It needed a touch of love. The kids and I had gone to story and craft time at the library that morning and they had made snowflakes.  Perfect!  Those went on the wreath and gave it that personal..."welcome to our house with two kids" touch. 

Any sticky sap on your hands?  Any pokes on the fingers from juniper branches?  I know some of you have made fancy things with pine branches.  What have you got?  Now go turn on the Christmas music and Enjoy!

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