Thursday, December 3, 2009

Super Easy Chocolate Pretzels

Salty and Sweet!  Yummy!

Here's an easy holiday recipe you can do anytime of the year.  It's so easy you can do it with the kids.  Just check out the "tips for kids" that follow the recipe.

I've got my mom to thank for this recipe. (I love you Mom!)  She always passes on the best recipes to me!  I've seen this recipe before with Hershey Kisses, but I really do like it better with Dove Chocolate.

Items needed:
  • Dove Chocolate, any flavor
  • Pretzels, I prefer Rold Gold
  • M&M's, any flavor
Step 1: Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

Step 2: Unwrap chocolates and place on a baking sheet lined with waxed paper.

Step 3: Heat chocolates for 2-3 minutes and check with a toothpick.  (I do 3 minutes).  If toothpick can be inserted in chocolate or squishes it down, you're good to go. Remove chocolates from the oven.  If they're not ready, heat a little longer.

Step 4: Place pretzels on top of chocolates and push them down so chocolate fills all the spaces of the pretzel.

Step 5: Place M&M's in the empty spaces of the pretzel and push lightly into the chocolate.

Step 6: Let the chocolate pretzels set up.  To remove from the wax paper, lift up an edge of the paper and the chocolate should peel off. 

My chocolate pretzels don't normally look this good.  The three rows on the left are Dove milk chocolate with milk chocolate M&M's.  The three rows on the left are Dove dark chocolate with dark chocolate M&M's. 

These ones are pretty because they were done after the kids went to bed.  I normally let the kids help on a couple of batches and they look much messier.  Still yummy though!

Tips for making chocolate pretzels with kids:
  • Have the kids help unwrap the chocolates after they wash their hands.  It's good dexterity practice.  My kids still haven't realized you can actually eat the Dove chocolates.  I just told them they couldn't eat the candies until they had been melted. 
  • If you use both dark and milk chocolate Dove, you can have the kids practive patterns as they lay the chocolates out on the baking sheet.
  • Have the kids practice sorting by putting different colored M&M's in different bowls.
  • Adults should always do the part involving the oven.  Make sure the pan isn't too hot when you let the kids stick on pretzels and M&M's.
  • If you plan to give away any chocolate pretzels, forbid the kids from licking their fingers till they're done.  Otherwise, lick away!
  • Be sure to sample what you've made!  It's a practice in patience waiting for the chocolate pretzels to set up.
For gift giving you can wrap up the chocolate pretzels in any assortment of things you have around the house.  Take out containers, boxes with tissue paper, Christmas themed bags, paper bags decorated by the kids, and in a mug are some ideas.

Enjoy the Christmas season! 

A special shout-out to all the MOPS moms at the group I attend. Sorry, I couldn't make it today....the snow and my steep driveway presented my non all-wheel drive van with some difficultly.  It made for an exciting morning.  This was the thrifty idea I was going to present at the meeting.  ENJOY!

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