Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Toy Laws

With Christmas approaching and the many toys being gift-wrapped...I thought it was appropriate to list "The Toy Laws."

The Toy Laws
  • The toys will overtake you and your home.
  • Toys migrate into “toy free” rooms.
  • There are never enough batteries for all the toys that require them.
  • At least one battery operated toy has batteries that are dying at any one time.
  • At least one toy with dying batteries will keep “talking” in the middle of the night and wake you or the child up.
  • When one musical instrument is found, another must go missing.
  • If you walk around the house in the dark, you’re bound to step on a toy.
  • The 15-piece toy set will become a 13-piece toy set in a week.
  • One toy will be loved above all others, at least for a day.
  • You will spend time searching for that favorite toy.
  • There must be at least one Elmo something, somewhere in the house.
  • At least one lift-a-flap book will have tape in it or be missing a flap.
  • Something is broken or missing at all times.
  • You will at one time threaten, “Do you want me to take that toy away?” or “Shall I make that toy disappear?”
  • It takes 15 minutes to get the new toy out of the box, by which time the child has lost interest and you’re frustrated.
  • Your child will like the box better than the toy.
  • Even with all the toys a child has, they’re just as happy playing with household objects.
  • You never knew there were so many toys that could sing the “ABC’s” or that there were so many ways to sing it.
  • If you own a dog, it will chew on a toy.
  • When you are cleaning you will be tempted to throw a toy out at some point.
  • You will throw out a toy at some point and give away toys at another.
  • You will take away a toy from your child.
Any other toy laws to add?  Leave a comment.

If you've ever got frustrated opening toy packaging...check out Sara Groves' song "Toy Packaging."  You can download if for free at Amazon here.  It makes Biker Boy and I laugh every time we listen to it.  Enjoy!

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