Monday, January 25, 2010

Battle With Bugs

I’ve massacred thousands of box elder bugs outside a home with a spray bottle of soapy water.
I’ve annihilated a tiger centipede with extra long grilling tongs. (YUCK! Google that one!)
I’ve wiped out Japanese beetles with a swipe of the vacuum cleaner.
I’ve drowned a nest of underground bees with a hose.
I’ve done in many camel crickets with a pinch of a tissue.
I’ve stood on a couch and yelled for Biker Boy to take care of a really large wolf spider. (If it wasn't a wolf spider, it was a really large spider of some sort.)

I’ve battled bugs people. Lots of bugs. Yes, as a former science teacher I know I should be saying insect. But "Battle with Bugs" sounds more awesome than "Battle with Insects". Can I say “more awesome?” I’m going to. It’s More Awesome to say “Battle With Bugs!”

We are currently battling tiny little black bugs that made their way into our house with a plant we bought at an unnamed store. The store shall remain unnamed because we’re not 100% sure it was that plant from that unnamed store. I’m 99.95% sure. Darn little black bugs! They’re flying in front of the computer screen right now!

Biker Boy and I did our Internet research. We have fungus gnats. Google that one. Fun stuff I tell you. The adults lay eggs in the moist soil and the larvae (babies) eat the roots of the plants. So they’re killing our plants and we have annoying little black bugs flying around. Great. Super great. Doubly great. I think I need some chocolate.

In an effort to avoid anything remotely hazardous, we’re battling with “natural” means again. Well, stuff that will kill the bugs and not us.

We’ve put out a couple of bowls of white vinegar. Apple cider vinegar does not work, we tried it. White vinegar works the best. Take a look at this pretty purple bowl of yuck.

You gotta love yellow sticky flytraps hanging from your light fixtures. We’ve got two of them. Count them, TWO! Hanging straight down from a fixture over my kitchen island/bar thing and over the dining table. Yes, I’ve already gotten my hair stuck in that one.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we? Yum! Do you want to eat under this?

We acquired our newest black bug-fighting machine yesterday during a trip to Lowe’s.

Yes, it’s a Venus Fly Trap.  The kids call it a "Biting Plant."  And that bug-eating machine trapped one bug within the first half hour of its arrival to our house. Plus the kids are thoroughly interested and entertained by it. Heck, I’m even checking on the plant every time I pass by it. A plant that eats insects/bugs! You gotta love it! Now we’ve just got to keep it alive. It sure has plenty to eat around here.

Are you battling any bugs/insects around your home?  Any clever tricks to get rid of fungus gnats?  Do tell.  I'm listening.  Enjoy!

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