Friday, January 15, 2010

The Best Dog Toy Ever

Have you met Ranger?

He's the dog for people who aren't dog people.  Like me.  I suppose now I'm a dog person.  Maybe just a Ranger person.  But I still won't let him lick me.  He eats poop.  No licking me.

Ranger has a couple of fleece blankets to lay on and he loves it when the kids play with the blankets with him.  But those fleece blankets aren't the only ones in the house.  The kids have blankets too and aren't fond of it when Ranger tries to pull those ones.  So we have a "No tugging blankets" rule in the house.  Poor Ranger.

So we got a him a pull toy.  One of those braided ropes that is about 1 foot long.  Ranger's not too fond of it.  The kids don't like it either.

We thought of getting him one of those long plush toys to pull with the kids, but they cost quite a bit.  Like $12. 

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Ranger's New Toy.....A remnant of fleece fabric.  It's about 5 feet long by 8 inches wide.  I was going to braid it to increase the strength and give the dog a place to grab it, but it works the way it is.  So why bother and add on extra time?

The kids love to run around with the "scarf" and play tug-of-war with Ranger.

Ranger loves to hang on it, pull on it, chase it, and play with it.  It's the best toy ever!

You want to know how much it cost?  $2.50.  The cheapest dog toy ever!  The best dog toy ever!  It was a fabric remnant at Hobby Lobby.  Can you tell that Chewy picked it out?

Have you got any unconventional dog toys?  Enjoy!
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