Monday, January 11, 2010

Color By Grandparent

Scooter would like me to start this post by saying, “Thank you for my pictures.”

I’ll grant that request. Done.

Scooter has had special pictures in his room ever since he was a baby. Some day they might be heirlooms.  (Meaning they'll be passed on to him when he leaves the nest.) These pictures are colorings by his grandparents. Scooter is blessed to have 4 grandparents. When he was a baby they each colored pictures that went with his baby bedding.

When Scooter graduated to big boy bedding (see this post), I looked for artwork that matched it. Olive Kids sold some artwork that matched his bed, but none that could be colored. I drew/copied my own artwork, using the Olive Kids artwork as a guide. The grandparents then got to color a transportation vehicle.

The artwork now hangs between Scooter’s windows in his room. He can tell you which grandparent colored which picture. Scooter enjoys having something that his grandparents made just for him.

You can do this at home also in a multitude of ways. Have the family member paint or draw an original piece. If the idea of creating an original piece of art is daunting, give them something to color. Find a piece of art you can draw yourself that matches an interest your child has or find a coloring book with pages that you like. Frame however you desire. I painted bare frames from Michaels in left over paint colors from painting Scooter’s desk and dresser.

What creations or masterpieces do you have hanging on your walls?  Any other personal ideas that could be hung up?

I've got to go straighten Scooter's pictures now.  Enjoy!

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