Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Easiest Tile Job Ever

We’ve regrouted, riped out old tile, and even put in new tile and grouted. Fun memories. Have you been there too?

We just completed our easiest tile job EVER this weekend.

The Background

I know I’ve mentioned we’re a water bottle toting family. The water bottles even reside beside us at night. Biker Boy keeps his on the nightstand next to the bed. He didn’t want the finish of the nightstand to get ruined by his water bottle. Sweet guy!

The Materials

Biker Boy scoured the tile aisle of Lowes looking for just the right shaped, sized, and priced tile. Score! He found a tumbled Venetian tile for 54 cents! It measures 6x6. He wanted something big enough that he didn’t have to fumble for it in the middle of the night. We had some vinyl bumpers waiting at home from a previous project.

The Job

Know what we're doing yet? It's so easy. Put 4 vinyl bumpers on the bottom of the tile. This helps to keep it from scratching the finish of the nightstand and also keeps the tile from moving around.

The Verdict

Perfect! Biker Boy has a huge tile coaster for his water bottle.

Biker Boy likes it, I like it, and we’re all good. (Except for the kids, they’re still sick.)
Now wasn't that easy?  What do you use to protect the finish of your furniture?  I have to say that we don't worry so much about all the other furniture. This is the first time we've had a "coaster."  Maybe it's because we actually purchased this furniture.  My guy's so thoughtful!  Any easy "jobs" in your future?  Enjoy!

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