Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It showed up on Monday afternoon.  After only a couple of phone calls and emails to find out where it was.

It required some assembly.  I'm so handy.....with my tools required.

Prayers were answered all around when the old couches found a new home.
The kids were the first ones to sit.  I think that's called sitting.
Though they much preferred the boxes.
There's a boy in the one on the left.

Biker Boy even helped.
He did the grunt work.  It helps to grunt when you stuff pillows in slipcovers.
Okay, I helped too.  There's just no photographic evidence.

The dog approves of the new furniture.
So does the boy.
So do I.

Except for one little mark, it's perfect.
The boxes are still in the house until Sunday.
They seem to make great playhouses.
I was so happy and thankful for my new furniture, I almost overlooked the fact that my cell phone fell in the dog's water bowl and sat there for 4 hours.
Yep. 4 hours.
It stills works.  Miracles abound!

Biker Boy kindly reminded me that this was the first time I've ever picked out furniture....on my own.
Wow!  Do I ever feel grown up?
Now Biker Boy just has to wait a little longer to get a 29er.
Thanks babe!  I love you!

Any old or new furniture excitment to share?
Furniture review coming in the future.  (So far, so good!)

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