Friday, January 8, 2010

Got cracks?

Wall cracks, that is. I’m talking Grand Canyon sized wall cracks. We’ve got more wall moving going on here than an active fault line. Great, big, gigantic wall cracks in a rounded edge, of course. Huge crack in the winter, tiny little crack in the summer. It must go on a diet when the weather gets warm. Packs on the pounds when it’s cold.

That’s what my hints were the other day.

Hint 1: The crack. The unsightly jagged line that glares at me everyday while I eat. It mocks me. It calls to me. It’d suck me in if it could. I think there are some Disney Princess and Polly Pocket doll shoes lost in there. Maybe even Polly.

Hint 2: Hemming tape. Stuff that gets sticky when you heat it up. Makes me want to eat caramel for some reason.

Hint 3: Vivan drapes from IKEA. 2 pairs of the long ones. You don’t want to know how long it took to get those. My mom-in-law does. She deserves a persistence award. And a big hug.

So how do you fix a wall crack? Caulk?  Spackle?  Joint compound?  Suggestions?

Well, we could use joint tape and spackling and spend lots of time sanding and painting. We don’t have time for that at the moment. Have I mentioned Biker Boy is working on shelves? I’m not ready to get into spackling with two little ones hanging around me all the time. I’d rather play with play-doh. Have we mentioned that we actually like to get outside and do things as a family? Skiing last weekend, snowshoeing this weekend. No time for cracks.

The quick, easy fix……drapes. It’s been many nights of ironing while the kiddos were in bed. My iron had been wondering if I ran off, until lately. Last night I managed to get two hung.  Two more will eventually go on the left side. I’m not sure what I think. Why does it always look better in my head? What do you think?  Perhaps it isn't acutally quicker and easier?

It’s a work in progress around here. Just never a fast work in progress. Enjoy!

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