Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Makes Me Wonder Again

Earlier I was wondering about something. Just wondering.

Wondering where people keep their Kleenex boxes. You never see them in photos of homes that have been “styled” for photo shoots. Or maybe I’ve just never looked for them before. Or maybe they just don’t blow their noses.

Do you have Kleenex boxes? Where?

We’re a family of three allergy sufferers and one little girl that cries and “needs” tissues. Kleenex boxes abound here.

Take a tour with me:

The Guest/Office/Treadmill Room – it sits on a little shelf.

Scooter’s Room – it sits next to his bed on his windowpane.

The Kids/Guest Bathroom – on top of the toilet. Where else would it be?

Master Bedroom – on the bed stand next to Biker Boy. I either steal the box when I’m suffering from allergies or stack a pile on my bed stand.

Kitchen/Living Room – the box sits on a breadbox so it can be easily accessed from the kitchen or living room.
Chewy's Room - No longer there.  She use to have a box in her room.  Yes, we knew it would be tempting to a 2-year-old.  And she did exactly what you would expect her to do.....she eventually yanked them all out of the box during naptime.  The picture below is from when we were working on her room.  See all those white things on the top of the blue shelf....those are the tissues we couldn't stuff back in the box.

So….I’m just wondering.

Just wondering.

Do other people actually keep their facial tissue boxes out in the open like us? Do they hide them? Do they cover them up? Do they buy special boxes to match their d├ęcor? Or do they buy them in bulk, on sale, with coupons and let the kids pick out the print of the box like I do?

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