Thursday, January 14, 2010

Painting the Sunshine

It was a cloudy day yesterday.

Cloudy for here, that is.  Usually it's sunny. 

It was too muddy to play outside and a little too cool.  Not cold.  Just not sunny.

So we decided to paint the sunshine. 

The kids each picked out 6 colors and I put them in an old egg carton.  Then they painted away.

I painted too.  With a Boots paint brush.

Paint is such a cheap way to change the color of something.

We got this birdhouse years ago for a Christmas present.  Birds have never occupied it, but Hot Wheels cars have.  And Disney Princesses.  And Polly Pocket.  And some fish food (don't ask).

On a cloudy day the birdhouse chirped for a new and brighter color.


You gotta love a 50 cent bottle of paint!  And a Winnie-the-Pooh vinyl table cloth.  And kids in aprons.

Remember....come back Monday for a great giveaway that I'm hosting!
And stay tuned to see what we do with the kids' paintings.

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