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Scooter & Chewy Review - Melissa & Doug Toys

There’s nothing like asking little kids what they think of toys. I’m starting some new postings called, “Scooter & Chewy Review.” Cause there’s nothing like the thoughts of a 5 year old and a 2 year old. Plus, I’ll add a few little mommy reviews. That might clear up what the kids say.

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All of the products reviewed are wooden Melissa & Doug toys that we own. I asked the kids what they thought of the toys and what they liked about them (while eating breakfast).

Shape Sorting Puzzle

Scooter: “Lots of colors and shapes are in it.”
Chewy: “It has a star in it. It’s easy.”
S: “I don’t know if it’s easy.”

Mommy Review: If you’re child is persistent, this puzzle will keep them occupied. If they get frustrated easily with putting in the more difficult shapes, you’ll be playing too! It’s a great way to work on colors and shapes with little ones. Plus, being made of wood and painted with non-toxic paint, it’s one of those toys that will last a long time. This one will probably be put away and kept for *hopefully* future grandkids.

Pound & Roll

S: “I like to hammer it.”
C: “I like it.”
S: “ You have to hammer it and it goes down the slide.”

Mommy Review: Fun concept, but doesn’t keep my kids attention as long. They do love to hammer the balls and it takes some force to hammer them. We’ve lost the balls under couches lots. I’m surprised we always seem to find them. I’ve also had kids hit each other in the head with the wooden balls.

Tool Kit

S: “That’s mine.”
C: “That’s mine too.”
S: “That’s both of ours. I like the tools.”
C: “I work with it.”
S: “I try to make benches, but I cannot.”
C: “It helps us make benches. I made a bench with that.”

Mommy Review: Wooden tools are great. Just make sure the kids don’t hit the walls with them. This was a top 10 toy in 2009 for Melissa & Doug. And you can’t build a life size bench with the kit; just maybe a Barbie sized one. This is probably another toy we’ll put away to use in the future again.

Band in a Box

S: “I always play music.”
C: “We play music with them.”
S: “The harmonica is my favorite.”
C: “The pink and purple one is my favorite.” (That would be the multi colored xylophone, in case you were wondering.)

Mommy Review: This is another top 10 toy. This was obviously a gift. *hee hee* The kids do love it; they love to sing and make music. We often have family marching band parades around the house with the musical instruments. It's great that there are plenty of pieces to share.

Pizza Party

C: “I’ll bring it over, okay?” We eat it. Eat the pizza and gobble it in our tummies.”
S: “Eat it.”
C: “I like eating it. I like to make pizzas and eat them.”
S: “I like putting things on it. I’m making pizza. Do you want mushrooms mama?”
Me: “No, I’m not fond of mushrooms.”
S: “Well, it’s going to be a mushroom pizza.”

Mommy Review: Fun! This keeps both kids occupied for quite some time. And sometimes causes fights, but they have to learn to get along and share. What is it about fake food and kids? They love the stuff. Another keeper and a top 10 toy.

Decorate Your Own Wooden Race Car

S: “I like to drive it around. I like putting the stickers on and painting it.”
C: “We eat Scooter’s car.”
S: “No we don’t.”

Mommy Review: Family fun for all. I think both Biker Boy and I were directed to paint certain areas. Biker Boy and Scooter had a fun time placing the stickers on together and putting the wheels on. Scooter is very proud of what he made and loves to play with it. It sits on his dresser when he’s not playing with it and he even took it for show and tell.

Scooter helped pick out online what new toys we’re giving away. I don’t think he quite grasped the concept because our conversation about his racecar continued as:

S: “I don’t want to give it away.”
C: “I want to keep my toys.”
Insert a mommy explaining they get to keep their toys. Someone else will win some new toys we don’t have.
C: “Scooter, I’ll save your boy toys and the girl toys. We hold them and save them from the people.”

Yep. There you have it. Straight from a 5 year old and a 2 year old.

What toys do your kids enjoy? Any Melissa & Doug toys in your house?

I am not compensated for this review in any way. I am also not affiliated with Melissa & Doug. I’m just a mom with kids who own the toys. We like the toys so much that we picked them out to giveaway in the giveaway I’m hosting. Thanks.

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