Friday, January 8, 2010

Stacking the Door

We had a family trip to Target the other day.  Actually it was a family trip to Home Depot.  And a family trip to Costco.  Okay, it was an outing. 

All things storage and organization were on sale at Target.  Seriously, New Year's Resolutions anyone?  Does anyone keep his or her resolutions?  Well, Target was there to help if you wanted to be more organized. 

I want to be more organized; I'm just not resolving to be more organized.

Recall my master closet?  When you talk about having skeletons hidden in a closet, they could be in mine.  Not figuratively, I mean literally.  But just a plastic skeleton.  You can check out the post here, I can't handle looking at the mess right now.  It's Friday, it's the morning, and the kids are already awake.  (They're playing quietly until it's their wake-up time).

On our visit to Target, I had wanted a canvas shoe holder that goes over the door.  It was on sale.

Biker Boy, being my detailed-orientated man, suggested one where dirt wouldn't stay in the pocket.  The dirt would fall to the floor and then we could vacuum it up.  I think "we" meant him.  That's how I'm interpreting it. 

Here's our new shoe holder on the back of the door in our master closet.  Funny, only people on the internet will see it.  Probably anyone that comes into my home won't see it.  It may not be pretty, but it works.  I don't have to reach up to the top shelf to pull down a shoebox and have one fall on my head.  That hurts. 
The shoe rack works reasonably well.  I have size 8 shoes.  The dress shoes fit nicely the way they are suppose to go.  We've discovered that bigger sized shoes and the ones you use more frequently (like my treadmill running shoes in the lower left) are best hung backwards. Otherwise it gets a little tight.  You can see Biker Boy's shoes are kissing each other below.  I'm not sure anyone would want to kiss athletic shoes.  You can also tell Biker Boy doesn't wear his dress shoes very often.  They're lucky to get worn once a year.

How do you store your little worn shoes or your "indoor" only shoes?  Clear plastic boxes on a shelf, a hanging shoe organizer, a shelf, a basket, a bench?  There are so many ways. 

For my parting shot, I'll be brave and show you what's going on in the closet......Biker Boy's building shelves!  Woo hoo!  Enjoy!

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