Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Stamp Collector's Nightmare

Do you have things hidden away that a family member or someone gave you? You do, don’t you? Please tell me you do. Please. You have to, because we can’t be the only ones.

Stamps Collectors…..consider yourself warned. You’re not going to want to read this post.

We inherited a shoebox full of postage stamps from Biker Boy’s Great Grandma. A shoebox. A full shoebox of loose postage stamps. A full box. Packed to the brim. Full.

Full. I never took a picture before I started sorting through them. Here are some of the duplicates.

Months of sorting. And more sorting. I became familiar with stamps. I found stamps everywhere. Stuck to the cat, stuck to my socks, stuck on the kids’ bottoms. (Don’t ask.)

When all was said and done, I had piles of stamps. Now in envelopes instead of a box. In envelopes labeled with the amount. Sorted by number. Can you say OCD? Obsessive-Compulsive. Just slightly, thank you.

I then sorted to see what duplicates, triplets, and quadruplets of stamps I had. Lots.

Then I set to work on displaying them. It’s a shame to have them hiding in a box or a book where no one will ever see them. A shame.

Any questions? I don’t care what they’re worth. Some aren’t worth much. We looked. Probably none are worth a whole lot. But they’re sentimental, that makes them priceless.

I bought three frames at 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I also found three matching things that go inside the frame for 50% off. Matting, that’s what it’s called. Matting. Never buy anything for full price at Hobby Lobby, unless you desperately need it. Things always go on sale there.

I got out my adhesive mounting squares, because that’s what I had. I mounted the stamps with the adhesive squares on the cardboard that came in the frame. Enter a collective *gasp* from the stamp collectors here. I warned you not to read this.

I started in the middle of the cardboard with a square stamp and mounted the rest by trial and error. No plan. I made it up as I went. That seems to be a pattern for me. I ended up with a slight pattern in the frame.

I tried my best not to repeat stamps, but alas, I did once. I only noticed after the frames were hung. Eleanor Roosevelt is special. She’s up twice. Can you see her?

I’m happy with the result. I even made a small frame for Biker Boy’s mom for Christmas over a year ago. Her frame was my first. Call it the trial run. They were her Grandmother’s stamps.

What special artifacts do you have framed or can you frame? Fortunes from fortune cookies, baseball cards, foreign dollar bills, love letters, postcards, stickers, matchbooks? The list could go on and on. I’d love to hear what you have framed.

Stamp collectors – please don’t hate me. Please. I know nothing about stamp collecting, just about displaying.


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  1. Ooh, really like this, it's so cool looking!!


  2. This is such a wonderful way to display a stamp collection!! It is so bright and colorful too!

  3. Thanks so much for the kind comments!

  4. These are neat! I have added you to my "Alternative Home Decor Database" under "P" for postage stamps!

  5. Thank you Amy! What a great idea you have, thanks for including me! I'm thrilled!

  6. I love your idea - it looks wonderful on the wall. I can imagine how long it took to put it together - after the sorting!

  7. What a fun idea! I have a box full of stamps that I collected when I was little... or maybe I'll do some of the now-defunct money of my hubby's from Brazil... Oh, the possibilities! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh, maybe I can do something like this...we inherited a big tin boxful too. And a couple of stamp books full. And I'm like you...they're mostly going to sit in a cardboard carton because I have no idea what to do with a three-generation very-amateur stamp collection.

    I've linked to your blog.

  9. Thanks so much Mama Squirrel. I'd love to know what you do with your stamps if you end up doing something with them. Thanks for linking me too! I'm honored!


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