Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tinkly Bells to go Tinkle

Have I mentioned we have a dog? Meet Ranger.

He jingles a bell when he has to go out and do his business. Trained him, yes I did. (Thanks to my brother….great suggestion).

Ranger used to jingle cat toys with bells hung on a pink string. Classy. The only problem is that it sounded like his collar. Not so classy.
On a total side note....this jingle bell thing has me singing "Jingly Bells" from "A Very Merry Pooh Year."  We watched that with the kids on New Year's Eve, go figure.  Jingly bells, jingly bells, yada, yada, yada.

Okay, Biker Boy made an errand run to Wal-mart and I requested jingly bells and some natural colored string. I received a few phone calls from the craft aisle. Biker Boy even tried jingling the different sized bells over the phone. They just don’t sound the same over the phone.

Here’s what he came home with:

Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Spray painted those bells white and sprayed a polyurethane sealer over them. (Ranger has claws and jingles the bells with his paws.)

Step 2: Cut 2 pieces of the thicker hemp more than twice as long than I wanted, plus 1 piece of the thinner hemp.

Step 3: Made a loop with the thicker hemp in the middle and tied with the thinner hemp. Now I have 4 pieces of thick hemp and 2 pieces of thin hemp hanging down.

Step 4: Twist, twist, and twist. You can twist and shout if you want. Now don't be scared if it untwists a little when you're done, because it will.

Step 5: When you near the bottom string two bells on one thin hemp string, give a few twists and string two bells on the opposite string, give a few twists.

Step 6: Tie off the twisting with an extra piece of thick hemp. String two bells on each thin piece of hemp and knot shut. Cut off excess hemp.

Step 7: Hang and hope the dog rings it. (Mine did!)

Here’s a comparison of the before and after.

Taking a look at that, I think I’ve got to go and wash my door.

Confession Time: The dog usually holds his liquids through the night.  Yet last night at 2:30am I heard jingling.  In my hazy, not quite awake state, I thought it was his collar.  But really, it was too loud to be his collar.  Poor dog.  He had an accident on the kids' play rug.  Poor me.  Poor Biker Boy.  Poor doggie.

I’m new to the doggie world, but I like the bell suggestion. How does your dog let you know he’s got a duty to attend to outside? Enjoy!

I’m linking this to:

Check 'em out.  There are some pretty creative bloggers out there who are most inspiring.

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