Friday, January 29, 2010

Tire Chains For A Girl

It’s a sweet guy who gets tire chains for his girl’s van and her feet.

It’s also a sweet guy who drives his girl and her friend up the snowy mountain with crazy drivers, just so she can go snowboarding.

Yep, we live in the mountains. In the Southwest. It does snow here. Lots, this year.

Two words of advice if you drive in the snowy mountains – TIRE CHAINS!

A four wheeled drive vehicle slides just as well down an icy mountain as a two wheeled drive vehicle. Biker Boy and I witnessed more AWD and 4WD vehicles in accidents in the snow last weekend than 2WD. (Probably because we had one of the few 2WD vehicles on the road!)


I just used them all by myself for the first time today. ALL BY MYSELF! Anybody proud of me? Cause I am. (We’ll just forget the terrified phone call to Biker Boy when I couldn’t get up the driveway with the two first attempts, okay?)

So, if I can put on tire chains….anyone can. Really, you can.

Here’s How:

1) Put the chains on in a place where you won’t get run into. I did it in the garage because I was just using them to get up our steep driveway and down our steep icy road.

2) Lay the tire chains over the tire. Make sure the little hooks are facing out. It would be bad to have them do damage to your tire. Really bad. Thank goodness I remembered that step.

3) Drive your vehicle forward until the chains pass under the tire.

4) Hook the cable chain on the inside of the tire as tight as you can.

5) Hook the cable chain on the outside of the tire as tight as you can.

6) Drive away (in low gear with traction control off...that's what Biker Boy told me). If driving far you’ll need to check the chains and tighten them up. They tend to settle after driving a bit. I only went a half-mile, so I didn’t. Our road was the only road on my drive that was icy!  Go figure!

Advice – Wear gloves. You get dirty. I took them off in the cold too, so gloves also helped.

We keep our tire chains in the van at all times during the winter, along with a shovel, paper towels, hand towels, bottled water, granola bars, and proof of insurance. Be prepared…..for someone to hit you.

Usually I don’t venture out if I have to put the tire chains on. I just don’t go up the driveway and I stay home. Why go out if it's not totally necessary?  Why?

Wanna know why I had to go out?

Because of this:

Thankfully no one was hurt! We had tire chains on last weekend at the ski area and were able to stop on the icy road at the stop sign. The people behind us weren’t able to stop. I had to go get an estimate. $1000 in damage. Two words…..TIRE CHAINS!

What do you think of driving in the snow and ice? Love it, hate it? Be careful out there!

Psst..we got our tire cable chains for our minivan and emergency chains for our car at And I don’t work for them.  I just purchased from them.
Double Psst…find out about my “tire chains” for my feet here.

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