Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's in Your Drawers?

I know, I know….there are so many ways I could go with that title. But I won’t. No side comments about….okay, I won’t go there.

But really, what’s in your drawers?

I love all my drawers. I’ve never had so many drawers.
Kitchen drawers, that is.

Previous cupboard crashing has included my water bottle drawers and my utensil drawers. I’m pleased to say…my utensil drawers still look decent. I said "decent"….they’re not exactly like when I last “cleaned” them. Decent is fine enough.

It’s time for a little more cupboard crashing. This time in the children’s drawers. Does that make you gasp in horror or smile happily? Kids + Drawers =  Not Always So Tidy.

I’ve finally come upon a system that my children happily adhere to….and it didn’t cost me a dime.

I’m repurposing a picture from a former post here. (Because this was the one time it was clean). See those drawers on the right hand side of the picture.  They're partially cut-off in the picture.  I’ll be talking about the bottom three.

The very bottom drawer houses all things cup related. The sippy cup tops are kept in an old plastic food storage container. The cups all stand straight up for ease. Yippee.

The next drawer up houses all the kids daily use plates, utensils, cups, and bowls. The utensils get put in another old plastic food storage container. The plates and such are all from IKEA, just in case you were wondering. This is where the kids get their stuff to set the table. Yes, they’re in charge of setting the table for themselves on most days.

The top “kid drawer” contains miscellaneous dinnerware. See those brightly colored cupcake forms. They have feet on them. They make great snack cups. Because really, when do you only make 4 cupcakes!? I can eat 4 in one sitting. That wouldn’t leave any for Biker Boy and the kids.
You know what?!!  Can you guess?  Come on, guess?  I didn't tidy these drawers up one bit to take the picture!  Not one bit!  No reality check needed, because that is reality.  One thing that stays the way I intended it!  And yep, it's pretty much the only thing that stays the way I intended it to be.     

This drawer system works for us. The kids can unload the dishwasher and know where to put away their dinnerware. They can get out their own cups and plates. It just works for us. I'm thrilled.

What system works for you? Throwing it all in a plastic bin in a cupboard, using special drawer dividers, or repurposing a shelf to hold things?

If you got the January 2010 Better Homes and Gardens magazine you saw the great drawer dividers on page 30. Check out the Lovely Design blog and click on Perfect Box Instructions to whip up some of your own drawer dividers. Genius. Or reuse plastic storage containers like me. Not quite as genius.

So….what’s in your drawers?

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