Monday, February 22, 2010

Barbie House Cabinet

Did you play with Barbie when you were younger? Do you play with Barbie now?

Yes....that's my answer….on both accounts.

Did you dream about or have a Barbie Dream House?  If you had one, did you keep it neat?

I bet parents just love having a bright pink plastic house out in their living room or constantly messed up in their daughter’s room.
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Yep. Bright pink plastic….lovely. My parents solved those issues with the Barbie house they made my sister and I. Yep, they made it! Out of a cabinet.

It resided in my sister’s room and looked like a piece of furniture. Yet when you opened a door, it secretly housed a Barbie house.

Barbie could be a messy housekeeper and you’d never know.  Shut the doors and the mess disappears. (Sometimes I wish I could do that with my house. *sigh*)

My mom has hung on to this Barbie house for over 20 years. I’m sure it housed things other than Barbie furniture when the Barbies were no longer being used.

But now there’s a Barbie loving granddaughter that comes to visit my parents. My mom pushes the house out of her storage area into her basement…and wah lah….Chewy has a Barbie house to play with. Plus all the old Barbies my sister and I use to have.  Vintage Barbie.  Old Barbie.

Shall we take a tour of this cabinet turned Barbie house?

The upstairs houses two rooms. This room has a remnant of carpet from my bedroom of our house in MI. (I wonder if it’s still that color? Probably not. That carpet would be like 20 years old.) The room is wallpapered in lovely blue Con-tact paper. I loved blue as a kid. Still do.

This room has a remnant of carpet from my brother’s room. (We all got to pick the color of our rooms when my parents built that house. We didn’t live there very long before we packed it up to move to MN.) The wallpaper is pink Contact paper. I think my sister use to have a pink canopy bed that we put in here. By the way, my sister had a pink bedroom with pink carpet.  Chewy would love that!

The first floor houses the living room and kitchen/dining room.  This is like a walk down memory lane for me!  You too, little sis?

The kitchen floor is a remnant of the wood flooring from that same MI house. Chewy and Scooter love the Barbie kitchen because it came with a ton of teeny tiny play food. Most of the play food didn’t get lost in 20 years, that’s simply amazing. Amazing! Chewy adores playing with teeny tiny things and thankfully she isn’t a child who puts them in her mouth.

The living room has a remnant of carpet from the main living area of that MI house. The wallpaper is again Contact paper. For being 20 years old, the Barbie house is still in good shape.

And since I’m on the subject of things older than 2 decades. My mom kept some of the old Barbies and their clothes from the 1980’s. Sparkly shiny things, leg warmers and crimped hair. Gotta love the 80’s! Some of it’s coming back!  Chewy loves to wear leg warmers!  (Future posts on toys that come around in the near future. It’ll be a blast from the past for some of you!)

Let’s compare those 1980’s clothes to clothes from 2010. My parents bought a set of Barbie clothes from Costco before Christmas so Chewy could have some “fresh” clothes. Let me tell you…Barbie has lost some inches since the 80’s. I couldn’t squeeze those new 2010 pants on the 1980 Barbie dolls. The clothes are tiny and skin baring. They fit the old Skipper dolls nicely.  Chewy really loves to play with the Barbie shoes, which I didn't get any pictures of.  I said she likes teeny tiny things!

Did you have a Barbie house when you were younger? Got one now? A real dream house, a homemade house, a cardboard box house? What did/do you have?  Wanna go play with Barbie right now?  Or just walk down memory lane and look at the "vintage" Barbies at Barbie Collector?

Am I suppose to feel old if the Barbies I played with when I was younger are now considered VINTAGE?

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