Friday, February 12, 2010

Dining Room on Minimal Moolah - Part 2

Part 2: Color For Cheap
Here’s where we add some color to the dining room for cheap.

The Cost:
Frames: Free! They were in boxes of old stuff.
Paint: A few cents! I mixed up a custom color with acrylic paints I had lying around.
3M adhesive strips: $3-4.

If you missed the recent episodes of “A Dining Room on Minimal Moolah” catch them here:
Part 1: Covering the Cracks

Now on to Color For Cheap.

I took four frames I found in boxes of stuff from high school and college and painted them.

I purposely did a “bad” job of painting and left some of the wood exposed for a rough look.

Then I got out all my hanging stuff. The picture below shows all of it, except for the level. Sometimes I make Biker Boy proud with all my engineering. Or maybe it’s just me I make proud. I always like to see how long it takes Biker Boy to notice something new that I did or hung up!  Fun times!

The picture shows all my handy dandy mathematical equations. Can you understand it? Me neither.

I cleaned the frame with alcohol where I was going to slap on the 3M Command Picture Hangers. I usually use nails, but I wasn’t sure about these frames staying here permanently. Hopefully these Command hangers come off without leaving a mark.

I slapped those frames up on the wall on my precisely measured and penciled spot. Then I had to leave the Command strip there to adhere to the wall before hanging the frame back up.

Then I put the frames back up.  They just click into place nicely with those Command strips.

Here’s the full effect. Don’t ya just love the fly tape hanging down from the light fixture? If you’re interested in why that’s hanging there, check out this post.

Wanna know something? Neither Biker Boy nor I are too keen on the drapes. It did look so much better in my head. I hate that they haven’t grown on me. I do like that they cover the cracks, but we’ve decided to try and repair the cracks. The drapes will stay until we do…who knows when that will be!? Then I have other plans for those drapes. We just like the open look of all the windows in the main living area, without them being obstructed with some flowy material. We like our view too much. Oh well, it’s always a work in progress around here.  This whole dining room series is pretty much kapoot.  Things will change again sometime.  Ah well, "It's all a work in progress." 

Hopefully soon I can show you my new project! I’m attempting a little woodworking for the second time, with a little help from Biker Boy and some observation from the kiddos. We might even get a new tool to share for our Valentine’s gift. How romantic!

So how do you add color to a room on the cheap? Any new projects up your alley?  Any works in progress?

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