Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dreaming of a New Olympic Sport

I’m nominating a new Olympic sport….snowshoeing!

Maybe then I have a chance to be in the Olympics, and then again, maybe not.

Probably Not! Definitely Not!

A girl can dream!

You already know that you can call me Grace (see this post). Yep, I attempt all things remotely active outdoors and still can only succeed to look natural in a swimming pool.

You can pick me out on a snowboard, a mountain bike, or a road bike going downhill….I’m the one who looks really tense. Perhaps that’s why I sustain a lot of injuries, I’m not a relaxed crasher. Plus, speed scares me. Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m darn tooting scared of going fast. Probably because I’ve had enough injuries to scare me. Hence…tense and scared of speed. It’s just a bad, bad cycle. But I still get out there and try.

Now I get out there snowshoeing too. And you know what? You gotta love an activity that has crampons to keep you from slipping and falling. Yahoo! Plus, it’s within my speed limit!

We’ve taken up snowshoeing as a family this winter. (See this review on kids’ snowshoes). It’s easy enough for all of us to do, yet tough enough to give us a workout. Tote a kid or a dog on your back to add extra resistance. We spent our Valentine’s afternoon checking out a new trail as a family. Good memories!

I got Yukon Charlie’s from REI. I’m really happy with them. They’re completely adjustable so I can wear them with my hiking boots on the trails or with my snowboard boots when I snowshoe up the ski hill and snowboard down. I love the easy strap bindings that I can use with mittens on in the cold. They’re also lightweight enough that I hardly notice them in my backpack while snowboarding down the hill. The only fault they have is that they can be a little noisy on the packed trails. Yet a snowshoe slapping a boot when it comes up is going to make some noise, so it’s easy to overlook.

Any other winter activities that are remotely safe for the injury prone and those scared of speed?

Psst…...Wanna find out about my other winter traction gear? Check out my posts on Yaktrax and tire chains. My hubby tries really hard to keep me safe. You should see all the protective gear Biker Boy gets me!

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