Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Princess Tiana Phone Call

Eeeeee!  I'm so thrilled.  I just registered to get a free phone call from Princess Tiana! 

No, not for me.  It's for my little princess loving girl.  (Do you happen to have one of those?)  Just in time for her approaching 3rd birthday! 

I got an email about this free call and thought I would pass on the info if you hadn't heard about it.  Have you heard about it?

We were already registered for Disney Movie Rewards since Chewy and I play at Disney Princess every once in awhile for a treat.  (So fun!  Try it with your little girl if you let her have a little computer time with you!)

All you have to do is register with Disney Movie Rewards and enter the code GUMBO and you'll get an email about the free phone call.  Totally worth it if you have a princess lover in your household!  I'm going to have to videotape it when Chewy gets the call!  So exciting!  Enjoy!

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