Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paper Flower Wreaths and Other Nonsense

Perhaps you saw my dilemma the other day here.

Perhaps not.

Anyway….we’ve decided what to do.

I’m going to attempt a faux capiz chandelier to put over Chewy’s light fixture. Um…yeah…that may be a work in progress for awhile. I’ll post it if I ever finish (whether I like it or not).

That means I had a bunch of paper flowers, pink sparkles, pipe cleaners, and one brass hoop left over.

What to do? What to do?

I could have returned some of the stuff to Hobby Lobby, but that would have meant another trip to town. I don’t live that close to town.  Plus I can't get up the driveway cause it snowed.  Which means Scooter didn't go to school today.  But I diverge....

So….we made a paper flower wreath that Chewy surprisingly adores.

What you’ll need: (All my supplies were from Hobby Lobby)
Hoop of some sort (foam, wood, brass, etc). I used a brass hoop.
Something to cover the hoop (ribbon, pipe cleaners, burlap, etc). I used pipe cleaners. This is totally optional.
Paper flowers (You can get precut flowers in packages at Hobby Lobby in a variety of shapes and colors. They also include sparkles! I think they come in packages of 80.) I cut mine with the George and Basic Shapes cartridge on the Cricut. 1-inch size on white cardstock. I used 134 flowers.
Embellishments (whatever fits your fancy). I used pink sparkles that Chewy picked out.
Something to hang the wreath (ribbon, twine, nothing). I used blue ribbon, because that’s what I had.

What to do:
Step 1: If covering your hoop, cover it. I wrapped white pipe cleaners around the brass hoop to cover up the brass color and help the flowers grip better.

Step 2: Cut or collect your flowers. I used my Cricut as I mentioned above. Chewy helped apply the self-adhesive sparkles (aka...gemstones). She also liked to use them as fake earrings.  Correction...she still likes to use them as fake earrings.  I think we've got a few lost ones in many, many places.

Step 3: If hanging your hoop with ribbon, attach it with hot glue. I also left a piece hanging down to attach something in the middle.

Step 4: Using the hot glue gun, attach the paper flowers. I do things by the seat of my pants, so there was no planning involved in this for me. Like usual. I just attach them at will without any pattern and hope it works.

Step 5: Attach the paper flowers all around the hoop.  Okay?

Step 6: Add something in the middle if desired. I kind of liked it plain, but Chewy wanted a flower in the middle. I added her initial and some more sparkles. Cute.

Step 7: Hang up and admire. Chewy loves to touch it, which would be why there are some creases in the flowers already. Oh well.  We finally have something above her bed....until the next thing we find or make.

Disclaimer….my child doesn’t put any nonfood items in her mouth other than her thumb, so we’re safe doing this project together and hanging it above her bed. Take into consideration your child’s habits before hanging something with small parts above a bed.  Does that cover it?

Did you follow that?  Sometimes I can't even follow myself!  How long does mommy brain last?

What have you made from leftover project items?  Do you change your mind as much as I do?  Any fabulous creations you just happened to stumble upon?  Enjoy!

Please visit all the other fabulous creations at:


There are some talented ladies out there.  I'm in awe of the projects I see and am humbled to even list my project with theirs.  They are truly inspiring. 


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