Monday, February 15, 2010

Scooter & Chewy Read - Matthew Van Fleet

I'm starting another Scooter & Chewy series here.  We've got the Scooter & Chewy Review series and now I'm adding the Scooter & Chewy Read series.  This will highlight some of their favorite things to read or look at.  After all, if you're like my spend a lot of time reading to your kid(s).  A LOT of time.

Today the highlighted "Read" is anything by Matthew Van Fleet.

Matthew Van Fleet's book are full of lift up flaps, tabs to push or pull, texture, colorful pictures, and rhyming text.  It's no wonder these books are so popular with kids!  I even enjoy them myself!

The kids have received "Tails" and "Alphabet" as gifts, but have enjoyed a couple other books by Matthew Van Fleet from the library. 

My kiddos just love feeling all the textures, looking under the flaps, and pushing or pulling the tabs to create actions.  As Biker Boy or I read the books to the kids we have them practically crawling all over us to touch the book.  That makes it a little difficult to see the book to read, but we somehow get it done!  Scooter loves to look at these books during his quiet time.

These books make great gifts also!  Do you or any kids you know have some favorite authors that never fail to entertain?

Psst....Scooter also loves to look at his Lego Club Jr. magazines.  (There's one peeking out from under the "Tails" book in the picture above.)  Find out about these free magazines in this post.

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