Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spicin' It Up

Let's do some more Cupboard Crashing.  What you do you think?  Do you like things spicy?

How about the spice cupboard? 

I've got my sister to thank for this one!  She sent me a box full of spices that smell oh so yummy!  So it was time to clean out my spices.  Actually, way past time!  Some of those spices I bought before we moved to the southwest.  That's over three years ago.  So thanks little sis! 

Here's the Before:

Here's the After:

SPICY!  Not exactly pretty, but really....I'm the only one who looks in there.  So as long as I can find what I'm looking for, I'm happy. 

Let's take a closer look at the bottom shelf:

Yummy spices.  Penzeys Spices.  From the midwest.  I like.  Spicy!

Middle shelf:

Top Shelf:

I highly recommend lazy susans for those corner cabinets (see the bottom and middle shelves).  They keep me from digging in the back of the cupboard.  Mine are the oxo goodgrips turntables.  I got them at Bed Bath & Beyond

How do you store your spices?  Here's hoping you have a spicy evening!

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