Friday, February 5, 2010

Tagging Your Children

Do you tag your children?

I mean, put an actually tag on them?

If your children came with a tag, what would it say?

Something like:
“Handle with care”
“If found, please return to…..”
“Caution, may bite”
“Personal belonging of….”
“Wash on gentle cycle in warm water”
“Beware of…..”
“Be sure to feed and water”
“Requires daily attention”

You know I’m kidding, right? Hopefully, you do. I like to have fun. Joke around. You know that, right? If not, you’re reading the wrong blog. But stay anyway, please. I’m friendly and don’t bite.

But I do tag my children. I just did a couple of days ago. On an airplane. (Oh, the airplane bathroom stories that I have).

Here’s the proof (notice the airplane seats):

I’m on a mommication. We came to visit my parents and it’s near my mom’s birthday. The kids are her present. I mean, our visit is a gift. Hence, the tags. Scooter and Chewy were tagged as Grandma’s birthday presents. They got off the plane with little tags tied to their wrists that said, “For You” and “Birthday Blessings.” They greeted Grandma in the airport with the little tags tied to them. Chewy also greeted Grandma with pants and socks full of poop, but that’s another story.

Grandma gets to watch her grandkids for her birthday, while I enjoy some time doing things I don’t normally do. That just seems mixed up. But, I also get to spend time with my mommy (and daddy, can’t forget him). Isn’t it great!?

So, what would you tag your children with?

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  1. Enjoy your vacation!!! It is always nice to have family help with the kids!


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