Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Visiting Places Near Kansas City With Kids

You noticed that I said “near” KC and not in it.

Just stuff near it, not stuff actually downtown. All things mentioned below are actual places that I have visited with my children and a grandparent or two. Actually visited. Not just virtually visited. If you haven’t actually visited them, feel free to virtually visit them. I’ll try to include links.

Our last visit we went to:

Moon Marble Factory
Bonner Springs, KS

You’ll just get dizzy with the large array of marbles in this store! My kids had a hard time picking out marbles to fill their marble tubes because there were so many choices. There are also games, gifts, and a lot of other things to look at and purchase. We even watched a wonderful marble making demonstration from the owner. Great place to visit! We enjoyed it thoroughly!

T-Rex Café
The Legends at Village West
Kansas City, KS (I had no idea the address was Kansas City, who knew? Never mind about the near thing.)
This is the dinosaur version of Rainforest Café. If you got a kiddo into dinosaurs (like Scooter), they’re going to love the place. Or they could be like Chewy and totally freaked out. She didn’t want to leave Grandpa’s lap. There are different rooms with animated dinosaurs, tanks full of fish, waterfalls, meteorite showers and volcano eruptions. This is a total sensory overload. Scooter and Chewy recommend the “tar-pit” dessert for kids. Four people could share it. It’s one huge bowl of pudding with cookie crumbs and gummy dinosaurs. Don’t expect cheap food prices, they have some serious overhead with building this place. You go for the experience, not necessarily the food. (Yummy coconut chicken on the appetizer plate!)

The Legends at Village West
Kansas City, KS

Hello major destination for shopping and eating. If you’ve got kiddos, check out the Carter’s Outlet. Don’t miss the Russell Stover one either. Yum, chocolate. The T-Rex Café is also located here. Cabela’s, Great Wolf Lodge, minor league baseball stadium, and the racetrack are all located nearby.  Also Nebraska Furniture Mart is near here too.

Kansas City, KS

AKA…. “The Aquarium” as my kids call it. Look at the live fish, feed the live fish in the ponds, view all the stuffed animal displays, shoot at things in the game room, or you could shop. We go for the fish. Scooter likes to look at the animal displays too. Chewy freaked out when the hunter (a fake animated man) started talking in the mule deer room, even though I had just warned her that he wasn’t real and that he was going to talk. She’s not ready for Disney World. Things that aren't real and make noise or move aren't some of Chewy's favorite things at the moment.

Kansas City, Crown Center, and Shawnee, KS
Gotta kid who loves trains? Do you love trains? How about hamburgers and hotdogs? Then you’ve got to go to Fritz’s! This place brings new meaning to a train going “chew-chew!” You order your food, a train chugs your food along a line, and then deposits it onto a tray that is lowered to your table. My kids watched wide-eyed as the train went around the restaurant dropping off food at people’s table. Serious fun and good food too.

Other places to visit:

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead
Overland Park, KS

Great place! We’ve been here numerous times and it just keeps getting bigger and better. There are animals to see, ponies to ride, ducks to feed, goats to give bottles to and feed, tractors to ride, and so much more!

Kansas City Zoo
Swope Park in Kansas City

It’s got animals and it’s a really fun zoo! If you have a zoo membership to your local zoo (like we do), check to see if you get a discounted rate or even free entry.

Great Wolf Lodge
Kansas City, KS

This one is located near the Legends and Cabela’s. If you like water parks, you’ll love this place. We’ve been there twice with the whole family (brothers, sisters, parents and such). Good times!

Chuck E. Cheese
Yep, they’re almost everywhere. My kids get their portraits at the picture machine with Grandma or Grandpa every time they go.

Anything else?
I know I’m missing some things we've visited. Are there places we should visit next time we’re near KC? Comment or send an email. I’d love to know what they are!  Enjoy!

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  1. We are definitely going to have to go to a few of these. I especially think the train one would entertain all of us.


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